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ANCHA Castilla 50% Iberian Natural Range Feed ham has a minimum curing time of 730 days, which ensures that the product is in its best ripeness point. For this reason, curing checks are carried out under strict quality standards.

All the pieces are identified with a label in conformity with the Iberian Quality Norm. All Natural Range Feed Hams include a green seal corresponding to this norm.

Natural Range Feed ham is characterized by the feeding of the pig during its growth. In this case, pigs are fed with fodder, mostly legumes and cereals. These have been grown up in the countryside or in the meadow, but always outside the period of montanera.

ANCHA Castilla Iberian products are an exquisite and healthy option for an appetizer. Thus, we select the best iberian ham and shoulder pieces to guarantee the customer the best quality

Additional information


From 8 to 8,5 kg

Product Maturing process

730 days


Whole piece

Precio / Kg

Nutritional Values

Nutrional Information per 100gr:

Energy (Kcal)302
Energy (Kj)1259
of which sugars0,00
Saturated Fats8,10
Monounsaturated Fats10,00
Polyunsaturated Fats1,00