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Company name: CLAAN Export, S.L

CIF: B13506514

My registered office is in C/Ruiz Morote 8, 3º A, Ciudad Real, Spain.

Email: hola@anchacastilla.com

My social activity is: Wholesale trade of food products and beverages in general.

My registry information is: CLAAN EXPORT S.L., ESB13506514. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Ciudad Real, volume 515, Folio 82, Sheet CR-20.291, registration 1ª.


Responsible: CLAAN Export, S.L

Contact details:hola@anchacastilla.com

Aim: manage your subscription to the newsletter and send it to you regularly.

Legal basis on which the treatment is based: interested party’s consent.

Addressee: data will not be given to third parties, unless legal commitment or national supplier companies and treatment operators.

Rights: accede, amend and remove the data, as well as other rights as explained in the additional information.

Additional Information: you can check the additional and detailed information on how we treat your details in the Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy commits to safeguard the privacy of your data that we store and manage. Contact us if you have any question or problem regarding the use of your personal details and we will be pleased to assist you.

This privacy policy (henceforth the “Privacy Policy”) applies to all personal data that the user provides to CLAAN Export, S.L., with office in C/Ruiz Morote 8, 3º A, Ciudad Real (hereafter ANCHA Castilla) with CIF B13506514 through the online forms or when purchasing in the website www.anchacastilla.com (from now on Website).

To the effects of this Privacy Policy, it must be taken as “User” all individual person interested in the products and services that ANCHA Castilla offers through its Website.

ANCHA Castilla, as responsible for the treatment, will request, prior to the supply of your personal data, the express approval of the user of this Privacy Policy, when necessary, and any other aspect that requires prior authorization.

The user may contact us through the contact form for any doubt or problem regarding the use of your personal data.

When using this site and/or our services, you accept the processing of your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy. In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of the Personal Data Protection, through the acceptance of this Privacy Policy you give informed, expressed, free and clear consent to include the personal details supplied through the web site www.anchacastilla.com (hereafter anchacastilla.com) in a file of “Web Users and Subscribers” as well as “Customers and/or Suppliers”.

As set out in the norm, we inform the user that we gather data through the contact forms or subscriptions which are stored in a file with the only purpose of sending electronic notifications, such as: newsletters, new posts, commercial offers, as well as other communications that ANCHA Castilla finds interesting for the User. Fields flagged as compulsory, are necessary to carry out the stated purpose.

Furthermore, the user accepts and agrees the automated treatment of these details by ANCHA Castilla, who ensures that the collected data will not be given to third parties nor used with a commercial purpose different to the intended one.

We use your personal information for legitimate reasons and with your consent. We use your personal data for:

  • Provide you with our service and contents. This includes, for instance, register your account; offer you products and services that you have requested or checked; show you promotional items upon request and communicating you with reference to these products and services; contact and interact with you and notify changes in any product or service.
  • Improve your customer experience.
  • Fulfil an obligation by law or agreement required by legal regulation.

By virtue of entering into a contract or fulfilling contractual obligations, we process your personal details for the following purposes:

  • To identify you.
  • To provide you with a service or send/offer you a product.
  • To contact you for sales or invoicing.

On the basis of legitimate interest and with your consent, we process your personal details for the following purposes:

  • To send you our personalized offers and newsletters of our carefully selected partners.
  • To manage and analyse our customer base (purchase behaviour and records) to improve quality, variety and availability of offered or provided products and services.
  • To carry out customer satisfaction surveys.
  • For invoicing and legal requirements for as long as needed for accounting purposes or other obligations derived from the law.
  • To fulfil the obligations derived from the law and for the options provided by the law.

The right to anonymize the gathered personal details and to use these data is reserved. We will use these details out of reach of this Policy just once anonymize.

Unless other thing informed, we consider that it is of legitimate interest for you to receive information of products and services which are similar or related to your purchase records and the surfing behaviour.

We may use your personal details for additional purposes which are not mentioned here, but are consistent with the original purpose for which the data were gathered. To do this, we will ensure that:

  • The link between the purposes, the context and the nature of the personal data is suitable for a subsequent processing.
  • The subsequent processing will not damage your interests and
  • There would be a proper safeguard for the processing.

We will inform you about any subsequent processing and purposes.

Who else can access your personal details.

We do not share your personal information with strangers. In some cases, personal details about you are provided to our reliable partners with a view to enable the service delivery or to improve the customer’s experience. We share your details with:

Our processing partners:

Our business partners:

Connections with third parties:

We only work with processing partners that can guarantee an appropriate level of personal data protection. We disclose your personal data to third parties or civil servants when we are legally forced to do so. We could disclose your personal details to third parties if you agreed or if there are other legal reasons for this.


The personal data of the applicants will be notified to the addressees listed below:

Through the present statement CLAAN Export, S.L., with office in C/Ruiz Morote 8, 3º A, (13001 Ciudad Real) and email hola@anchacastilla.com notices the users of the website anchacastilla.com its personal data protection policy, for users to determine free and voluntarily if they want to provide ANCHA Castilla with personal details required when subscribing, register or filling of any of the data online forms or emails sending.

The user has the following rights:

  1. Right to information, which means that he has the right to know if his personal data is being processed; which details are gathered, where are these details obtained and why and who processes them.
  2. Right to access, which means that you have right to access the gathered details from you or about you. This includes your right to request and obtained a copy of your personal Data gathered.
  3. Right to rectification, which means that you have right to ask for the rectification or deletion of your personal Data which are incorrect or incomplete.
  4. Right to deletion, which means that in certain conditions you can ask for the deletion of your personal details from our records.
  5. Right to restrict the processing, that is, when certain conditions are applied, you have right to restrict the processing of your personal details.
  6. Right to object to the processing, which means that in particular situations you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, for instance, in the case of direct marketing.
  7. Right to object to automated processing, which means that you have right to object to automated processing, including profiles; and not being subjected to a decision based just on the automated processing. This right can be exercised whenever there is a result of the profile which causes legal effects that affect or significantly affect it.
  8. Right to Data portability: you have the right to obtain your personal Data in a machine legible format or, if possible, as a direct transfer from one processor to another.
  9. Right to make a complaint: in the case we reject your request by virtue of the access Rights, we will give you a reason why. If you are not satisfied with the way we have handle your request, contact us.
  10. Right to supervisory authority help, which means that you have right to supervisory authority help and other legal resources, as claiming for damages.
  11. Right to withdraw consent: you have right to withdraw any given consent for the Treatment of your Personal Data.

Those users who have provide their details through www.anchacastilla.com, may address the holder for the purpose of exercising, to the extent applicable, the following rights: access to personal data, rectification, suppression, data portability, limitation and objection to treatment and, when the treatment is based on the consent, the right to withdraw it at any time. Similarly, users may withdraw the consent at any time and will have the possibility to file a complaint to the Control Authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency).

Information that you provide us

This website can store your email address, name, invoicing address and address. All the information is right and necessary to give you a product / service or to improve your experience with us. We also keep the information that you provide us so you can comment or make other activities in the website, for instance, your name and email address in case you make a comment or subscribe our newsletter.

Information gathered automatically about you

This web uses cookies to improve your experience of use. When you use our services or look at the contents of our website, your activities can be recorded through cookies and other session tools. For example, the information of your shopping cart, your IP address, your shopping records (if there is), etc.

Data source:

We do our best to keep your personal data safe. We use safe protocols for the communication and transfer of data (HTTPs). We use anonymization and pseudonym when appropriate. We control our systems in pursuit of possible vulnerabilities and attacks through different plugins that prevent access to our server and web contents.

Although we do our best, we cannot ensure the total security of the information. However, we undertake to notify the proper authorities of data breaches. We will also notify if there is any threat to your rights or interests. We will do our utmost to avoid security breaches and help the authorities in case offences occur.

If you have an account with us, take into account that you must always keep your user name and password secret.

  • Contents subscription forms: in our website there are several forms to activate the subscription managed by ANCHA Castilla with the purpose of sending digital marketing campaigns by email, management of subscriptions and newsletters submissions.
  • Comments form: the website includes a form whose purpose is to comment the articles and give your opinion while respecting freedom of speech. The user may publish comments in the posts. Personal details introduced in the form to insert these comments will be exclusively used to mitigate and publish them, collecting equally these details that will be store in our servers.
  • Contact form: There is a contact form whose purpose is to give answer to enquiries, suggestions or professional contact. In this case, the email address will be used to answer them and send the information that the user requires through the website. These data will be stored in our servers.
  • Cookies: When the user registers or surfs this website, cookies are stored. The user can check our cookies policy at any time to get further information about the use of cookies and how to disable them.
  • Users can unsubscribe the services provided by anchacastilla.com at any time from the newsletter through a cancellation form.
  • Tracking systems used in this website: Google (Analytics), in anchacastilla.com we also study the preferences of the users, their demographic characteristics, their traffic patterns and other information together for better understand of who our audience is and what they need. The tracking of the preferences of our users also help us to show you the most important advertising announcements.

Similarly, we would like to inform you that for the recruitment of subscribers and customers we use Facebook Ads so, when we generate an advertisement, we can segment the audience by place, demographic data, interests, etc. so the data obtained in this platform would be subject to this privacy policy from the moment the user leaves his details to join the community newsletter.

We use Google Analytics to measure the traffic in our website. Google has his own privacy policy which can be checked here. If you do not wish to follow the tracking of Google Analytics, visit Google Analytics opt-out page.

ANCHA Castilla does not share, sell or rent your personal information with other parties. You can share certain information with the suppliers of third-parties’ services authorised to provide some services such as transport.



We do not intend to compile children information in purpose. We do not address children with our services, products and contents.

Storage period

The data gathered in this website will be stored for the legally stablished period of time or until its deletion is requested.

We use cookies and/or similar technologies to analyse the behaviour of the customer, manage the website, trace the movements of the users and compile information about them. This is done in order to personalize and improve your experience with us.

A cookie is a small text file stored in your computer. Cookies store information that is used to help sites work. Only ourselves can access cookies created by our website. You can control your cookies in the level of the browser. Turning off cookies can hinder the use of certain functions.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Essential cookies: these cookies are necessary for you to use certain important functions of our website, such as log-in. These cookies do not gather any personal information.
  • Functionality cookies: These cookies give a functionality that makes the use of our service more convenient and allows us to offer more personalized characteristics. For instance, they can remember your name and email address in comments forms so that you do not have to enter this information next time you comment.
  • Analysis cookies: these cookies are used to trace the use and efficiency of our website and services.
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to deliver advertisements which are significant for you and your interests. Moreover, they are used to limit the number of times and advertisement is seen. They are generally placed in the web site through ad networks with the permission of the website operator. These cookies remember that you have visited a website and this information is shared with other organizations, such as advertising companies. Guidance or advertising cookies will often be linked to the functionality of the web site provided by the other organization.

You can delete cookies stored in your computer through the setting of your browser. Alternatively, you can control some third-parties’ cookies by using a privacy improvement platform such as optout.aboutads,info or youronlinechoices.com. In order to obtain more information about cookies, visit allaboutcookies.org.

CLAAN Export, S.L. reserves the right to amend the current policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential innovations, as well as to industry practices. In such cases, the provider will notice in this site changes with reasonable advance of its implementation.

I have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, with the aim of sending ANCHA Castilla’s business information. You can check our basic information about data protection.

We inform you that CLAAN Export, S.L. uses own and third parties’ cookies with an analytical and advertising aim. Check the cookies policy. For more information or setting up, click set cookies.

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